5 Negative Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Road To Mastery

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We can’t be all positive all the time; this is just a fact of life that we need to accept about ourselves. We can however set up a life that harnesses an attitude that is one of all around positivity and you can do that by creating good routine and habits.

One of the things you will need to do on the rocky road of self-mastery, is to kick some of the bad habits that- at best do not serve you and at worst hold you back from living the life you deserve full of happiness, success and abundance.

Your life is a direct result of the habits you form, so if you get up, exercise, meditate, read and shower before 8AM you are setting yourself up for a day of structure and positivity.

However if you stumble out of bed at midday, spend an hour reading the comments on Kim Kardashians latest Facebook post, cry because you want Kanye Wests fur coat and decide to put off starting writing the first chapter of your book for the 11th month running, you will set up a day of misery and disappointment.

Becoming the best you can be is in part about sacrifice, but sacrifice doesn’t have to mean giving up on what you love to do. The good thing about the world we live in, is if you are in tune with what you want out of life, there is a good chance that you can build a life and career around what makes you happy. The sacrifices you make will just be a clearing out of the things that do not serve you.

Starting with-

Holding Grudges-

 There is a saying- Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. It is the same for grudges.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone does something that is out of line- it doesn’t mean you will never thin k about it or even slightly resent it, it just means you won’t live in that memory and base your future actions on getting one up on the person who has done you wrong.

Let’s face it we have all made mistakes and I can guarantee that every person who is reading this post, including you , has let someone down.

Forgive yourself and others quickly and move on to bigger and better things like being awesome and mastering yourself!

Focusing On What Is Missing-

You can’t have it all and if you could it would be boring. Think of having nothing to aspire to be like, no goals and nothing to aim for. What would be the point if there was no challenge to motivate you to do better?

Instead of focusing on what is missing, focus on what you already have, learn to be grateful and not just because others are worse off, but because if you look in the right places you already have so much to be happy about.

Focusing On Others Opinions-

You don’t need to be wasting time on what other people think of you, it is actually none of your damm business what they think.

Unless someone is reaching out to congratulate or celebrate what you have done or what you stand for, don’t give it a moment’s notice.

If you get in front of enough people, you could be encouraging people to drink water and you will get some armchair expert who says you are an idiot. It doesn’t matter what you say, you will get people who disagree, so focus on those who support you and ignore those who attack you.

Don’t get me wrong you should be able to take criticism and just because someone disagrees, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them. It is about being able to find a way to differentiate between a malicious comment and a concerned comment. Know when you are being attacked and don’t give it your energy.

Avoiding Confrontation

Sometimes you have to tell your friend to stop showing up at your house while you are working or you have to tell your boss that your co-worker is sabotaging your work.

If this is the case then avoiding it will not make it go away, at times like these you need a spoonful of man or woman the F up and you just need to tackle the confrontational situation.

This is part of life and while I spoke about holding grudges a moment ago, they are hard not to hold when someone is turning your world upside down. Sometimes people don’t even know they are affecting you, so just be honest and let people know when their actions are having an impact on your life.

With this being said, you should not seek out confrontation and you will never win an argument with a confrontation veteran…… Bill O’Riley springs to mind.

I am talking about when you are dealing with rational, normal people, who are members of your day to day life. If you are in Starbucks and someone jumps the cue, you can probably just let that go!

Waiting For The Right Time

The time is never right, or should I say the time is always right. If you have a goal, a dream or ambition to do something, just do it. Don’t wait until you have more skills or more money or more anything. Just throw caution to the wind and take the leap of faith.

You may fail, you may embarrass yourself, but then again you may live up to your full potential. If you have dreams there is no point in waiting until you are retired or you have more time. Just go for it, make it happen and live your life unashamedly as yourself!

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