5 Ideas for a Night In


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While it may seem that we are always looking for things to do outside the home, sometimes it’s nice to just stay in and make a night of it without even having to step a foot outside. With that in mind we’ve come up with five ideas of what you could do.

A Way to a Person’s Heart is Food


If you are planning on having a night at home, how about a nice meal? You don’t have to cook yourself, you could buy a take away and have it delivered. If you do choose to make the food yourself though, why not get your partner to join in? Half the fun can be preparing the meal, then enjoying the end results. That is as long as you don’t burn it of course.

A Movie Night


Got some movies you’ve been meaning to watch, but are currently sat on your DVD pile catching dust? Then plan a night of movies to work your way through some of the latest hits. In an age where we have so many video on demand services such as Netflix as well as DVD and Blu-Rays, there is no excuse of not having anything to watch.

A Night of Games


The world of gaming provides so many choices now that a night in can be huge. Whether it be enjoying a multiplayer game on your console, hosting a night of Dungeons and Dragons, or even taking part in a game of 90 ball bingo there are plenty of ways that gaming can be enjoyed in your home. In the future there is even the potential of Virtual Reality to extend the fun.

A Nice bit of DIY


It may not be your first choice of activity for a night in, but the feeling of accomplishment from doing that nagging DIY can be very fulfilling. Put up a few bookcases, fix that squeaky door, or even do some painting. There is always something around the house that can be fixed.

Adventures Take Planning


If you have a holiday in the future, you are going to need to plan for it. Instead of getting all worked up about what work is going to be needed to prepare for the holiday, why not take a night out of your busy schedule to plan it out? This can be fun, especially if you are looking up ideas for where to go next. The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully the list above has given you some ideas for a nice night in. So why not grab a few friends, or just spend a night with your significant other, without even leaving your house. Chances are you may save some money in the process too.

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