4 Travel Discomforts That Frequent Adventurers Will Understand

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Why do we travel? I guess we are all searching for something, and it often takes an adventure for you to find what you are seeking inside. Travel can be beautiful and lead you to the most amazing discoveries, but it also often comes with some discomforts, here are 4 that frequent travellers will understand.

You Cannot Get Comfortable On An Airplane/Coach

Sometimes you hit the jackpot and are next to someone lovely who is happy to share the armrest. Funny how the armrest can become a battle of wills between to 2 people, often no words are exchanged but the battle of the arm rest goes on for hours.

However I hit the jackpot a while back and on a long 12 hour flight I had a seat, with an empty space next to me. This brought to me the realisation that the space next to you just gives you more ways to be uncomfortable.

I have concluded that it is an impossibility to get comfortable on a plane or coach.

What’s Up With The Wifi

Some places just don’t get the connection we get. I work from my laptop and despite some inconvenience, I always manage to get done what needs to be done. However, a little adaptability is needed when visiting certain corners of the globe. Some places the internet will go down for days at a time, this is great as it forces you to go with the flow and allow life to lead you. However, if you have any real need to be on the internet or crazy deadlines you may need to plan ahead.

This Vegetarian Dish Looks A Lot Like Chicken

Some places are a lot more relaxed when it comes to vegetarianism- some of the dishes on menus I have seen are “vegetarian chicken stew” and “vegetarian beef noodles”. But sometimes it is a lot less obvious and when you order your veggie meal and it comes out with pieces that resemble meat. If you are eating veggie food this is something to keep your eyes open for.  

Where Is This Taxi Taking Me

The job- taxi driver seems to universally attract hustler’s- this is the same at home (UK) in my experience. However when abroad there is something about jumping in someone else’s vehicle in a place you do not know, that can be a little daunting. What is strange to me is I have found even after agreeing a price, drivers have taken me the long way, almost like it is stored within the genetic code to do so. My advice is to always agree a price before hand and don’t allow yourself to be a victim. People will pick up on your fear if you exude it, so be confident and have an idea of where you are going and a rough cost before you leave.    

Things change depending on location, but these are a few things I have experienced on my journeys, would love to hear yours in the comments section.

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