4 Minute Poem Will Make You Rethink Your Social Media Use

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Are all these distractions doing anyone any good?

Never in history have we had so many distractions, we have advertising, social media and media in general all grabbing for a piece of our attention. The result of this is a population of scattered minds, wandering from one thing to the next without any focus or direction. How often are people finding themselves losing days due to feel good chemicals like dopamine being released in the form of a Facebook like, Instagram heart or a Twitter retweet?

The long term impact of this is very much an unknown, as this technology has not been around long term and stimulation on the level it currently exists is a new thing. One of the sad things about this, is the largest consumers of the social media craze are children. Children are currently having their insecurities magnified, their lives scrutinised and their undeveloped brains bombarded with constant activity day and night.

In this short poem, CEO of the Center For Humane Technology Tristan Harris shares some of the effects this new wave of consciousness is having on humanity and also the idea of what social media and new technology could be if we decided to build it to benefit humanity.

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