4 Fantasy Movie Clips Which Work As A Perfect Metaphor For Reality (Video)

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Sometimes that which we call fantasy is not fantasy at all, but merely a metaphor for reality. Writers, artists and filmmakers across the ages know this, and often hidden within their work you find deep meaning when you carefully inspect between the lines.

The Hermeticists use/d imagery, many native tribes use/d fire side stories and to this day we still tell metaphorically loaded stories of big bad wolfs huffing and puffing to blow our houses down. This is just a modernised version of these stories starting with the most referenced;

The Matrix    

This famous scene of taking the red or blue pill is a metaphor for inquiry and discovery of the internal and external world (the red pill) versus accepting reality as we are told it is by others (the blue pill). It is a choice, do we want to walk the often confusing and overwhelming road of inquiry, in the pursuit of truth and justice. Or do we want to accept what is put before us without question?


This scene is loaded with metaphors, firstly Sarah could represent society and Jareth an oppressive regime. Being that those who are currently in positions of power act as if they have our best interests at heart and that we should in some way be grateful for their presence.

It could also work as Sarah representing you or me, and Jareth our fears or an entity. In both cases the line “My kingdom as great… my kingdom as great… You have no power over me!

…You have no power over me.” is one that holds true power.  

The Neverending Story

In the neverending story Bastian becomes the main character in the book he is reading. The obvious metaphor here is that of us becoming the star in our own story and actually being the leading role within our own world. The twist I guess is- does this imply our story is already written? The second and less obvious metaphor is that of naming- in “The Book Of Coming Forth By Day” also known as “The Egyptian Book Of The Dead” it is thought that by naming (with correct pronunciation) the gods or demons you can either summon them or disempower them if they are trying to harm you.

Alice In Wonderland

After consuming psychedelics it would be hard for anyone not to see the relationship between altered states of consciousness and Alice In Wonderland. It could be said that the whole film is the equivalent of a trip.

In this scene there is the reference to taking the mushroom saying “one side will make you taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter” with the physical growth being a metaphor for the mind. Psychedelics have the ability to expand your mind and help you grow, however the less popular part of this equation is they have the ability to make you shrink when taken irresponsibly and/or too frequently. It could also mean that psychedelics help us to realise the divine paradox, that we are both large and small simultaneously in many different ways.

There is also the reference to the serpent which could symbolise a kundalini awakening and when Alice shrinks there is a pine cone behind her. The pine cone has been referenced across the world in sacred symbology, and is related to the pineal gland in our brains which is thought to be the seat of the soul.

There are many more movies loaded with hidden messages, in fact in these films alone, you could find many more references with hidden double, triple and quadruple meanings. Stay woke people!

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