30% Of Republicans Support Bombing Aladdin’s (Fictional) Hometown [No Joke]

maxresdefaultby Luke Miller Truth Theory

A recent poll of Republican voters has concluded that 30% of them would support the bombing of Agrabah, the only problem is Agrabah is a fictional town in the Disney movie Aladdin.

The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling and nearly one-third of Republicans agreed that military action in this fictional location was indeed a good idea.

Unfortunately things were not much better for Democrat voters as 19% of their voters also supported the idea.

While on the surface this may seem mildly amusing, it actually highlights the danger and stupidity of many voters who are willing to blindly follow its country into action without any thoughts of the consequences.

The poll also found that about 54% of the Republicans supported banning Muslims from entering the US, as Donald Trump suggested. One cannot help but to bring comparison to Nazi Germany, where an entire race is being ostracized due to the actions of a small minority.

The fear mongering of the US media is clearly working, but I hope with this article we can bring a little more reality to the threat of Islamic terrorists. Firstly according to the New York Times since 9/11 there have been nearly twice as many people killed by non Muslim extremist groups on US soil, such as Christian white supremacist groups.

Islamic terror is responsible for an average 3.2 deaths a year in the last 14 years but there are many things that are far more likely to kill you. Before I go into the details, please don’t think I am playing down the loss of lives caused by terrorism. I am just stating that it is not rational to want to have the heads of every Muslim, due to a small minority of extremists acting out.


Here are 5 things more likely to kill you than a Muslim extremist in the US-

The Police

In the first 24 days of 2015 59 people were killed in the US by the police force, this compares to 40 killed by Muslim extremists in 14 years. The total deaths this year at the hands of the US police force stands at 1095, over 25 times the amount of deaths from Muslim terrorists in the the past 14 years.


Deaths relating to pharmaceutical drugs rose to roughly 23,000 last year, which means that in the last year alone 575 times more people have died from medicine than have from Muslim extremists over a 14 year period.


I am not talking about watching it either, no the devices themselves kill 176 people a year, just from falling on them. That’s 55 times more deaths than Islamic terror claims annually.


An estimated 1,700 children choke on hot dogs a year, this is not taking into account those who choke in general. At least 2,500 people per year are killed by this type of asphyxiation.


Alright, I know it is getting weird now, but I hope this makes the point loud and clear! According to the Washington Post cows kill an average of 20 people a year, so maybe Donald Trump should think about a mass ban on cows entering the States as they are over 5 times more dangerous than Muslims extremists.

This article was written with tongue in cheek, but it really does not take away from the severity of the situation, when you have masses of people who are willing to bomb Aladdin’s town, because it sounds like there may be some Muslims there we have a cultural problem that needs to be addressed.

Please, please, please come to some sense America, because if you think Donald Trump’s Nazi style politics is the answer to your problems you are going to be sadly mistaken when he breeds more hate and fear and creates a bigger problem than the one we currently have.

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