Masturbation Breaks At Work Are Doctor-Approved Ways To Reduce Stress

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Now, every man and woman today faces trials and tribulations like never before. The stress levels are off the chart and there is very little that day-to-day life can offer to help ease the stress.

Think back and try to guess what gives you moments of unadulterated bliss, with no strings attached? Something that helps you blow steam off.

You guessed it: slapping the eel, jerking off, masturbation, self-help, whatever you wanna call it. As a matter of fact, everyone remembers Matthew McConaughey from The Wolf of Wall Street; that eccentric boss Leo DiCaprio’s character goes to work for. One of the many eccentric questions and advises the boss man gives Leo is masturbation, twice a day.

Now let’s discuss masturbation in a work scenario. For one, it helps you blow steam off and get the much-needed ease that you need when dealing with pressure. Men for one, who orgasm more frequently, are known to be less aggressive, more focused and more astute.

According to two psychologists, it will help you to get some perspective. Mark Sergeant, a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, told the Metro that masturbation would be effective stress and tension-buster.

It would, as we said earlier, make workers more focused and definitely give them the excuse to smile more. This was agreed to by Cliff Arnall, life coach, and psychologist.

There is also the added benefit of workers smoking less because masturbation gives them quite the amount of stress busters.

At the end of the day, it would also mean lesser breaks for the company to pay for.

And it’s not like no one has done it before. Time Out New York reported a staggering 39% of their male readership as responsible for masturbation at the workplace.

This was the second survey. The first one by Glamour back in 2012 had reported 31% of the same.

However, as nice as this seems, there is a catch. To sum up both psychologists, the masturbation cannot be driven by any kind of sexual activity or lust. Arnall opined that lust-driven masturbation, especially that which is motivated by sexual desire for a colleague, can lead to cognitive impairment.

Sergeant quite astutely noted that being lax about this, however, would give many the impression that sexual activity, even ill-motivated, is on the table.

The stigma associated with masturbation, however, is slipping. The company Hot Octopuss actually constructed masturbation booths to let men a safe outlet.

Vice interviewed workers of white-collar jobs who confessed to the practice. And this included both men and women.

While all this seems to tilt mostly in the favor of the motion, masturbation is also seen by many as an act of rebellion. It brings up many moral questions with answers that we don’t have.

And most office spaces in the third world, where a large percentage of the first world’s jobs are outsourced to, still have to deal with a lot of stigma regarding all sexual activity, if not especially masturbation.

So for now, smoke breaks are all you have.


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