Chinese Scientists Find A Way To Transform Copper Into “Gold” 

By Luke Miller, 

Legend has it that alchemists of times gone by were able to turn lead into gold and create elixirs that gave them eternal life. Some say this was just legend, others say the methods were protected by highly initiated adepts of the sacred art. Either way, this feat has now come close to coming to fruition, only using copper as the base metal instead of lead.

Sputnik News Reports: A group of Chinese scientists from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics has published research in the journal Science Advances, which describes how they managed to turn regular copper into a material “almost identical” to gold and silver. The metal, which the scientists obtained as a result of result of their experiment was capable of serving as a catalyst for a reaction producing alcohol from coal — something only precious metals such as gold are capable of doing

Researchers bombarded a piece of copper with a stream of hot and electrically charged argon gas. The procedure charges its atoms, making their electrons more dense and more stable, making the resultant material closer to gold in terms of resistance to erosion, oxidisation and high temperatures.

The research paper points out that the new material based on cheap copper can replace expensive gold and silver in the production of electronic devices, which require significant amounts of these materials.

With this in mind, the gold will be no good for producing counterfeit gold, due to its density remaining the same as copper. This means the material will be far lighter than standard gold and not the best choice for fake coins and bars.

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