Is It Psychosis Or A Spiritual Awakening?


By Luke Miller

Many of the symptoms of mental health issues are the same as the conditions that arise from a spiritual awakening. Are you suffering from psychosis or a spiritual awakening?

20% of youths ages 13-18 live with a diagnosed mental health condition in the USA. But while science and doctors in western society are claiming a better understanding and treatment of these conditions, the results of this understanding tell a different story. What is causing this incredible rise? Is it our disconnect with the natural world? The increasing pressure on children to conform to a certain way of being? Or something completely different?

In the Western world we have a very different relationship to the spirit world than those in what many refer to as developing countries. Many of these “developing” countries also have a very different way they deal with mental health issues. This often includes village Shaman and healers who have to go through a type of spiritual sickness to step into their role as a healer. Much of what many would label as mental health problems are looked upon as a gift that needs to be nurtured, understood and worked through. Not medicated and suppressed. This differs from problem to problem and not every mental disorder is looked upon in this way, but many symptoms of conditions such as schizophrenia are looked upon as a connection to the spirit realms.

This enlightening talk from filmmaker Phil Borges explores the cultural differences between the west and “developing countries” across the world. And how they deal with mental health in a very different way. 

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IMAGE CREDIT:  Jozef Klopacka

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