Sugar Is The Real Killer And Exercising Isn’t Enough To Combat It

By Mayukh Saha,
A recent article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine by three experts has now clearly brought out into the open the fact that working out is not the major factor you should be concerned with when trying to lose weight. Science has proved time and again that what we eat has more influence on weight and health in general than the amount of exercise we do. The truth is that you can work out every day of the week and still not lose weight because of your diet. Even if you’re not overweight you may not actually be healthy because of your diet. The way we perceive health and weight loss requires a huge transformation.

While exercise does help, by itself it cannot do anything to make you lose weight. It obviously keeps you healthier but if you aren’t watching your diet, you won’t shed any pounds. You will however be less likely to contract heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer. Moreover, over the past three decades, exercises haven’t changed but more and more people are becoming obese or teetering close to that limit. This is directly influenced by the influx of a variety of foods that have been heavily processed and are full of sugar as well as all the carbonated, sugary drinks we consume. Drinking, smoking, and lack of exercise now cause fewer diseases than unhealthy eating habits.

The bigger problem here is that even those who aren’t overweight and who do work out will also become more likely to contract long term diseases and to die earlier because of their poor diet. They will have metabolic issues usually seen in obese people and this will include heart and liver problems as well as other issues like hypertension.

All of us are constantly being told that more people are becoming obese because of their sedentary lifestyles. The internet is full of articles telling us that we’re all dying because we spend too much time seated. Rather than sharing proper advice on dietary practices as prescribed by experts, people are still talking about the myth that exercise alone will solve all their problems. Unfortunately, lobbyists in the food industry have brilliant PR teams who use strategies not unlike those used by the tobacco lobby to filter out the reasons for weight gain.

What people need to understand is that the calories in sugar ensure that more fat is stored up and that we feel hungry faster. The amount of sugar in just one can of soda can bring you closer to becoming diabetic by 11% and it doesn’t matter how much you work out. The most important part of any weight loss routine should be restricting calories, especially carbs.

Changing these age old perceptions is going to be hard when all forms of media are telling people otherwise. Famous people need to think about the products they’re endorsing and people need to be told again and again that they need to cut out sugar and other calories from their diet.

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