Tourist Gropes Thai Woman in Public, Learns Lesson He’ll Never Forget [Video]

By Amanda Froelich,

A tourist in Thailand suffered the consequences when he attempted to grope a woman. Not only did she fight back, several nearby women stepped in to help, as well.

Even if he was drunk, there was no excuse for this man to sexually assault a female. The video clearly indicates that the man left Thailand with this newfound knowledge. Though the footage is dated, it’s making rounds on the internet again.

As Next Shark reports, many people travel to Pattaya, Thailand, for sunbathing, shopping, and the great nightlife. The popular destination attracts millions of people every year — including the unsavory kind. An individual of the sort was walking the streets when he tried to grope a young Thai woman. Instead of getting away with the act, he was confronted and beaten up.

The presumably intoxicated man was kicked several times by the infuriated women. In retaliation, he punched one of the women. Within seconds, other women joined the mayhem. After several men intervened, the fight finally broke up. But, the offender did not walk away unscathed. He cried out as he stumbled and grabbed his eye.

Surprisingly, the tourist played victim to the incident. But, no condolences were offered. Instead, the tourist was thrown out of the scene.

Watch the video below:

A Sign of Changing Times?

On August 18, 1920, women in the United States finally gained the right to vote. Can you believe it hasn’t even been 100 years since that milestone?

In the time that has passed, the women’s rights movement has made leaps and bounds. However, not everyone is ahead of the curb. Some people, such as the tourist above, still view females as sexual beings to be dominated. Fortunately, this mentality is changing.

It’s changing because women, including those in the video, are sticking up for themselves and speaking out. It’s also changing as new laws are passed to “level the playing field,” so to speak. Finally, shifts are being witnessed because conscious men are choosing to stand beside women and declare themselves feminists (feminist is about equality, after all).

Hopefully, in the future, sexual assault will be nothing more than a distant memory. Inhabitants of Earth will treat each other with respect, and videos such as these will be stored only as evidence to deter such behavior. For now, share this news to raise awareness.

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Source: Pattaya-Lifestyle

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