What Many Seem To Miss About The Vaccination Debate

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Before I go into this article I want to make it clear that this article is neither pro or anti vaccine. There is a wealth of information and misinformation on both sides of the debate and it seems very common that people make up their minds and disregard any evidence that contradicts the world view held. The truth is vaccinations have caused side effects and in some cases death, but scientists also claim smallpox and polio have been eradicated by immunisation. There are good arguments for and against them, but as I said this is neither pro or anti vaccine.   

On one side of the debate there is science, which is an incomplete worldview as it only takes into account the known world. It is the philosophy of materialism and disregards all that cannot be quantified  On the other we have many different groups from conspiracy theorists, to anti science groups and also legitimate doctor’s. Much of the time, people within both sides of these groups can be misinformed, learnt information from questionable sources or be stuck in a worldview that does not respect opinions outside of that view.

When you see the debate unfold in the media it is often done in a very black and white way, such as “vaccines cause autism” vs “vaccines do not cause autism” or “immunising your child is responsible” vs “immunising your child is dangerous”. It seems to be an issue that just evolves around the vaccination, not the whole industry that supports the vaccinations.

One of the things that for the most part goes unnoticed is that of the reasoning behind why outside of the physical vaccination there may be a lack of trust in the industry the creates them.

In 2014 the global vaccine market revenues were $32.2 billion dollars. This year it is projected to be $49 billion dollars and in 2020 it is thought it will rise to $59.2 billion dollars. A recent poll based on 1,018 U.S. adults asked about trust in the pharmaceutical industry and “Only 9% of U.S. consumers believe pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies put patients over profits”. This is one of the issues that arises with vaccinations, the people who provide them have repeatedly proven that they cannot be trusted, so the issue of if vaccines are safe or not often is less important than the reputation of the providers.

Every year for the last 19 years pharmaceutical companies have spent more money on lobbying than any other industry. This is when corporations influence laws using the legal system. Last year they spent nearly $280 million lobbying, which was $120 million more than the preceding industry.

There are many other factors such as life expectancy being 45th in the US, but the health care costs being the highest on the planet. In 2013 there were nearly 2 million people in the US who were made bankrupt from medical bills. With 56 million Americans under age 65 having trouble paying medical bills and over 35 million American adults who will be contacted by debt collections agencies for unpaid medical bills.  

Some of the most shocking facts are that pharmaceutical companies trial the drugs themselves, they have caused a drug epidemic by using opiate based painkillers and there are more deaths due to prescription drugs than there are to heroin and cocaine combined.

The real nail in the coffin when it comes to the reputation of big pharma is the fact that the 20 largest medical lawsuits have amounted to 19.3 billion dollars, with most of those lawsuits having been for false claims. This means they have been found to repeatedly lie about the effects of drugs and have had lawsuits that are marked off as a company expense.

An industry that has such a low ethical position on human life, should not be handed the responsibility of offering and profiting from potential life saving medicine. We deserve to be treated as human beings and demand an industry that behaves in a way that reflects this.

We should base our trust upon the actions of those asking for our trust and the fact that big pharma has repeatedly treated citizens with a complete disregard for our well being, should rightly result in a complete lack of trust in the industry.

Again this article in neither pro or anti vaccine, in fact I would say it is pro vaccines that come from a trusted source. The point is that people who are pro vaccine have a good reason for wanting life saving medicine, but those who are anti vaccine have a very good reason for not trusting the industry that is creating them.

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