Artist is Transforming Swastika Graffiti Into Fun Works Of Street Art

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Though we cannot change the way others behave, we can improve upon their contributions to the world. This is what 37-year-old Ibo Omari, a German artist, is doing with a group of young artists in Berlin.

While walking around one day, Omari was disgusted to see dozens of swastikas spray-painted around his community. So, he decided to turn the hateful signs into works of art. Best of all, he recruited a team of young street artists to help him.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that since Omari and his team began the Paint Back campaign in 2015, they have transformed over 25 swastikas into fun street art. Each time, the group received permission from the property owner.

Over the past two years, Omari has noticed a reduction of swastika graffiti. He partially credits this to the group’s activism. Their work is being noticed. In fact, it has inspired other artists in Hamburg, Kiel and Bremen to cover up similar hate symbols.

“It was important to spur young people into action and to encourage them to take responsibility so they don’t just ignorantly walk past such symbols of hatred,” Omari told Reuters. “It offends the whole neighborhood if someone in our midst paints swastikas in a children’s playground and I take it personally.”

Following are 5+ swastika transformations:

FRÅN HAKKORS TILL KONST 🎨 Gatukonstnärer i Berlin har gått ihop för att bekämpa ökningen av nazistisk graffiti i staden. De målar helt enkelt om hakkorsen till färgglada konstverk. 🎨 ” Jag gillar det för jag tycker inte att hakkors hör hemma i Berlin – det är en stad som är öppen för världen och jag vill försvara det”, säger 17-åriga gatukonstnären Klemens Reichelt till AFP. 🎨 Projektet #PaintBack började förra året efter att en person kom in i en street art-butik för att köpa färg och spraya över ett hakkors på en lekplats. De själva uppskattar att de målat om runt 20 hakkors sen dess. 🎨 Rapporterna om nazistisk graffiti har ökat även i Sverige de senaste åren. 🎨 Foto: Legacy BLN

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