Man Abandons Dog At ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ With Note That Will Break Your Heart

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Every year, thousands of animals are abandoned at no fault of their own. Sadly, the heartless humans who give them up (sometimes, without a proper chance to fend for themselves) are rarely caught or reprimanded. In regards to this latest story, hopefully such is not the case.

On Tuesday morning, patrons at a Dunkin’ Donuts saw a puzzling sight. A man drove into the parking lot, dropped his dog off up front, then parked and entered the building. After receiving his order, he left — without the dog. Though surveillance footage failed to catch the man’s license plates, the camera caught his face quite clearly.

“The male opened his door and let the dog out of the vehicle with the note attached to its neck,” said the Santa Fe police in a release. “The man then proceeded to go into Dunkin’ Donuts and order a cup of coffee. The dog followed the man from the vehicle to the front door of the business but was ignored by the man.”

Then, the man drove away, leaving the dog in the dust. The sad, handwritten note attached to its neck read: “I am free. I am having babies.”

Police have asked internet users and locals to help catch the individual who deserted his dog. Anyone who knows anything is asked to “come forward.” For the time being, the dog is under the care of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. Fortunately, she is doing quite well.

Said Murad Kirdar, the shelter’s public relations officer: “She is social and loves people. I was actually hanging out with her today. We still do not know if she is pregnant — too early to tell. [But] the safety of the dog was not the person’s main concern.”

The shelter wrote in a Facebook post: “Unfortunately, stories like this are all too common. But, it’s people like you that care and truly make a difference in the life of these animals.”

As some have pointed out, the man could have been going through a hard time. And, as a result, had to give up the dog. However, even if this was the case, there are better ways to go about it. Those who can no longer afford a pet or feel their abilities to care for them are compromised can “surrender” a pet to an animal shelter for a small fee. This ensures the animal remains off the street and receives the help they need. Such is the only compassionate action when one can no longer keep an animal.

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Source: The Dodo

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