Aliens, Ancient Language And Meeting The Gods: My (True) Plant Medicine Story

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I am going to attempt to tell a story- this story has all the characteristics you would expect from a good old fiction book, only this one happens to be true. It includes aliens, ancient language, vomit and a conspiracies to kidnap. It has beauty, pain, love, hate and a lot more. Most of it happened in the confines of a single night and the pinnacle was a conversation with both God and the Devil. Many won’t believe a word I say and many will think I have gone insane, I will not try to convince you otherwise, but I will tell you once- all I say in this article is an account of my experience with plant medicine at a retreat center called Rythmia.

I arrived at Rythmia skeptical and full of judgements. I have drank plant medicine before, so had no doubts of the impact it can have, however the way in which it was being put forward here was very different from the approach I had seen before. Rythmia is extravagant, luxurious and very far away from my previous plant medicine experiences in the Peruvian jungle.

When I arrived I was told to expect a miracle. The approach I am used to (and still fully respect) is no expectations, just strong healing intentions. This was very different. We were guided, advised on intentions and could partake in a full schedule of classes, massage, blood works and body cleanses.

Night 1 was when the fun started with something called transformational breath work. I have experienced peak states through breathwork such as mediation and bioenergetics- however, this was what can only be described as a next level experience. My hands locked, my body vibrated and rippled in a way the ocean does when a wave hits the shore.  

The whole room was literally electric and my body was purging simply by breathing. During this experience I had constant electrical charges pulsing in different parts of my body. I had been at the place just a few hours and had already experienced the miracle they promised, all without the aid of any external substances.  

There is a ton I could talk about between the Sunday I arrived and Thursday, however, I will skip to the main event. The drink we were being served that night was a colombian brew of the sacred plant medicine, and we were told it was the strongest of the week. The brew consisted of the vine Banisteriopsis caapi and the DMT containing leaf chacruna. The difference between this and previous mixes, was in the method used to concentrate it down to a thinker and more dense consistency. A word of warning (and by no means the only word) this blend of plant medicine taste vile, and is the first right of passage we go through in drinking.  

This was the 9th time I have drunk and I will start by saying I have seen some pretty crazy shit in the 8 times prior. I usually get into the medicine within 15-20 minutes and start adventuring pretty quickly- this was different. I drank 1 cup and sat with it for 1:30-2 hours and after this time I had not had anything more than some mild visuals. They called us up for anyone who wanted a second cup, which I usually decline, but this time I decided to go up and drink again.

Not long after this I was deep into the medicine- It started with heavy purges. These plants are spirits, as are many other medicines- but her spirit for me personally is the strongest, most fierce and most hands on I have encountered. I can only go on my own experience and it is in no way typical, but for me she guides my purges.

The only way I can describe it is- small spirit hands guiding my body to posture in the best way to purge. She will usher me backwards, forwards, left, right, up, down, on my knees or however she feels my body should be placed and I will purge from the deepest depths of that blocked place. Often the purge will coincide with a feeling or a body part, and it will be a release of this pain. An example is that of shoulder pain- I had slight pain in my left shoulder and she postured me perfectly to vomit out this pain. Since this day, I have had no more pain. Another example is psoriasis I had on the inside of my leg for around 4 months, I purged this and it has not returned since that day. This medicine is actually physically healing in a way that you would not believe. I watched many curing mental illness in single nights, but also physical health problems. It is something that has to be seen (or felt) to be believed, but it changes the whole way in which we conventionally view health. Or at least for some people it does.

After a lot of purging I sat up in a meditative posture and language started to flow through me. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but it was so fluent that it was clear something that is not of this time, space and incarnation was coming through me. I began to get really loud so I took myself outside and began the most violent purge I have ever experienced. This purge was a mixture of vomit and an unknown language- it was as if words of power were being spoken and as a result deep cleaning was happening. Coinciding with this was rain, thunder and lightning- alongside epic screams of howler monkeys surrounding the temple we were sitting in.

My body starting to become something else, it was channeling ancient spirits which imparted different pieces of knowledge about the laws of nature and the inner coding of the universal structure. I was able to see infinity and fully grasp the magnitude of what everything looks like and I started a dialogue with plant medicine about who I am.

She showed me myself, as if I was watching a movie and I saw different archetypes that represented different pieces of myself and while I don’t feel the need to divulge every piece of my journey she showed me where I was going wrong and how to be a better human being.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you view it) things took a little bit of a turn. I started to explore right and wrong, with the simple question- what is right and wrong? From an individual perspective it is pretty easy to discern what is okay and what is not, but once you start to take into account other people’s world views things change drastically. This lead me on a gauntlet of seeing the deepest, darkest corners of the universe, all the way up to the most beautiful and pure. The only way I can describe it is heaven and hell- I experienced hell as a bubbling tar like substance of murky grotesque filth and heaven as the purest light that was brighter than white. Heaven felt so good it was almost unbearable and hell was not a place I would ever like to be again.

This experience really rocked me and after this I lost control, time stopped, my identity was gone. I was in an indefinite loop of timeless and massless space- without any map to direct me. I became paranoid and at one point physically run away from the shaman and facilitators to go pack my bags and leave. I literally thought someone was trying to kidnap me. I found myself stuck in this infinite space for what felt like an eternity, but the (patient) work of the facilitators and shaman helped me to return smoothly.

My exact timeline of events is a little skewed, but somewhere between all these events I met the devil- as a physical entity and had to renounce all that he stands for. I met God and made a deal that I will give more than I take and continue to fulfil my life’s work. After this I opened my eyes and saw a racoon (a real one, not a hallucination), and it walked up to me, circled me and walked away, all while someone (a person taking part in the ceremony) took the form of a monkey crawling on the floor next to me.

Towards the end of the night there was a circle in which the shaman spoke, this was the moment in which a considerable number of the group reported seeing 2 extraterrestrial entities. I personally did not see them- but everyone I spoke to said the same thing 1 tall shadowy grey entity which was around 9 feet tall accompanied by a smaller entity. This is the first time I have ever consciousness experienced anything like this.

The sun rose not long after and the ceremony ended- although my journey continued and continues to continue everyday since I decided to look in the box many seekers decide to look in. It really is a choice in life to make- with Morpheus  from The Matrix sharing the perfect analogy- “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” plant medicine (for me at least) is that red pill that shows you the unconditional truth of reality and the depths of the rabbit hole!

This article is not a promotion of plant medicine, I believe many people should not drink- however, if you get the feeling deep within your soul to do so then maybe you will be guided further on your journey. The center which I drank at this time is called Rythmia and you can watch a documentary film featuring Rythmia about plant medicine here and visit their website here.

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