3 Types Of Love Making That Encourage A Positive Relationship With Sexuality

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Sex is the number one thing we need to keep doing to continue our existence as a species. This is not just relevant to humans, but all kinds of creatures great and small have to continue pushing out babies for their species to thrive. Yet many (especially in the western world) have a terrible relationship with sexuality.

Sex in the right settings if not only natural and necessary, but it can also be something we do for enjoyment, a deep connection and for our vitality. There are many types of sex- in this article I will discuss 3 types of positive sexual activity and how we can use them to fix societies broken relationship with sexuality:

Baby Making

I will start with the obvious, sometimes we want to make babies, there are a million other reasons for having sex, but this one is the one we all know and respect as the most powerful form of human creation. It is the merging of 2 people, in order to create a 3rd and if done right the child can be the alchemical perfection of the 2 parents, taking the best from each.

With pornography, misogyny and the often exploitative nature of sexuality- it is easy for teenagers (and even the more mature) to forget that sex in its purest form is that of creation.   

Love Making

This is the softer approach to sex, but is able to be equally as passionate. This is usually slow, appreciative and not just about penetration. Love making is about showing someone that you love them and doesn’t always represent the length of time you have known each other. Love can be expressed just as much to a casual lover as it can to someone in a long term relationship and is you showing someone you are there with them giving them the attention they deserve.

People do not always want to enter a relationship or want ties to someone once they have sex- this is fine if both involved are in agreement, however, no ties, doesn’t have to mean disrespectful.  

Spiritual Sex

It is believed in many cultures that sexuality is a gateway to a higher level of consciousness. Some believe the egyptian symbol of life “the ankh” is representative of the recycling of sexual energy. Kundalini and tantra both have a heavy emphasis on sexual energy as a life force and many other cultures discuss this in secret doctrine and holy books.

Spiritual sex is the merging of 2 beings not just physically, but spiritually. This can be achieved with eye contact, the synchronization of breath and also spontaneously with someone you have a really deep connection with. Like love making it is more about connection than penetrative action and can often lead to simultaneous orgasm. This type of sex is the union of 2 people, in the deepest way 2 beings can connect.

How Do We Fix Our Relationship With Sexuality?

There are many ways to have sex and many not discussed have their place, however it could be argued that spiritual love making with the intention of forming a life is something that is more within our nature and very far removed from the public image of what sex is.

Sex should be enjoyed, but also respected- it has been made out to be a pornographic, dominant and/or submissive act. Men and women have been sexualy degraded and humiliated with the act of the highest purity relegated to something we do for a quick release.

It is time we restore our relationship with sexuality and that starts by understanding what it is, and talking about it. Perversion comes from imbalance and most of the current media perpetuates that imbalance by sharing contradictory and confusing information about sex- let’s break the cycle and start to understand something that was happening long before you and I were born and will continue long after.  

7 points I made in an article called What I learned From 50 Days Without Sex Or Masturbation


  • Do what you are doing with love (be it sexual or not) and do not feed the fear.
  • Try not to hurt anyone! I know this is impossible as we grow and often move in different directions, but just don’t intentionally hurt anyone or do something knowing you will hurt them.
  • Know that it is okay not to have it all worked out and you are a work in progress and sexuality is a part of that progress.
  • Talk about sex, it is okay.
  • Forgive yourself from your past and sexual mistakes.
  • Sex is beautiful- but diseases come from unprotected sex, so be careful if you don’t want one.
  • Babies also come from unprotected sex and while a child can be the most beautiful gift, you need to be ready for such a commitment.

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