4 Consciousness Expanding Podcasts To Supercharge Your Mind

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We live in an in an information age which (for the most part) is free. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to that which we choose to consume and it can be hard to cut through the fluff and get into the real wise and valuable information. Luckily we managed to build a shortlist of 4 awesome podcasts you can take a look which are food for the soul:

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is a long form conversation hosted by comedian, UFC commentator and actor Joe Rogan. The guests are broad and there does not seem to be a strict running theme, although a lot of the conversations revolve around martial arts. There have also been many mind expanding conversations with the likes of Graham Hancock, Randall Carson and Russell Brand. Joe Rogan often delves into topics which go against the current narrative, although there is a huge mix.  

Listen To The Joe Rogan Podcast Here

Tangentially Speaking

Tangentially Speaking is hosted by Chris Ryan and has a heavy emphasis on shamanism and ethnobotany— Chris likes to explore how various societies interact with altered states of consciousness. This includes many conversations around plant medicines which provoke these states. He also explores the subject of sexuality, as he has a background in multi-disciplinary investigation of prehistoric human sexual behavior.

Listen To Tangentially Speaking Here

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of the 4 Hour Work Week and an all round productivity machine. His podcast has had a who’s who of business and celebrity minds and Tim deconstructs how they reached their current position.

With an unusual attention for detail he breaks down world-class performance from leaders in their chosen areas and extracts the tactics, tools, and routines you can take from these minds.  This also includes their books, routines, habits and hacks for optimal living.

Listen To The Tim Ferriss Show Here

The Matt Belair Podcast

The Matt Belair podcast features conscious and empowering leaders to help facilitate evolution in the mind, body and spirit. The podcast has an emphasis on self mastery and how we can use the tools the planet has provided to reach our full potential. Matt and his guests go deep into mindset, consciousness, mind power, psychology, spirituality, Zen and enlightenment, with experts sharing their secrets and how you can apply them.

Listen To The Matt Belair Podcast Here

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