This Solar-powered Gadget Pulls Water From The Air While You Ride Your Bike

By Alternative World News Network via Minds

Known as Fontus, named after the Roman god of wells and springs, this solar powered device converts the moisture in the air into water, slowing dripping and filling up a water bottle as you ride your bike.

As air is pulled into the chamber, it is slowed down by barriers and the moisture is pulled out the air, slowly dripping to create about .5 liters of water per hour on a humid bike ride.

It certainly won’t give you all the water you would need pedaling for an hour, but it can make sure that you don’t run out.

Created by Kristof Retezár, the device functions best in humid environments at temperatures above 68 degrees Farenheit.  Retezár explains, “my goal was to create a small, compact and self-sufficient device able to absorb humid air, separate water molecules from air molecules and store water in liquid form in a bottle.

“The air enters the bottom chamber at a high speed when moving forward with the bike and cools the hot side down.  The condensing structure represents the largest surface in the smallest space possible. This provides a large surface for condensation to happen.”  The droplets flow through a pipe into the water bottle.  Any standard sized water bottle fits.

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