4 Songs Inspired By The Use Of Psychedelics

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

When you use psychedelics- it becomes very apparent that much of the world around us has been inspired by the use of such substances. If you look at Mario one of the most successful game franchises in history, you see he eats the (fly agaric) mushrooms and grows. You read alice and wonderland, and you know that it would not exist without the use of psychedelics, not only do you have the physical use of mushrooms in the book, but the whole experience almost takes you on the adventure experienced while tripping.

If you look at a lot of peruvian artwork, it has the inspiration of Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Some mexican art holds the messages from psilocybin and peyote. Going far and wide all over the globe from ancient times, to modern day, we see art and geometric patterns that resemble that seen while under the influence of psychedelics.

Psychedelics have inspired many artists, including musical artists and while I cannot confirm (all) these artists have been inspired by psychedelics it certainly appears that the songs listed have had some kind of influence from these substances.

The Beatles- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

A lot of The Beatles music has clear influence from the use of Psychedelics- I am pretty sure no one would not be living in a yellow submarine without it. However for this one the clue is in the name- Lucy (L) Sky (S) Diamonds (D), although John Lennon says his son Julian inspired the song with a nursery school drawing he called “Lucy—in the sky with diamonds. Regardless of if the original idea stemmed from LSD use or not, the lyrics certainly take you on the most colorful and beautiful psychedelic adventure.

MGMT- Electric Feel

MGMT are known as a psychedelic rock band and their music definitely takes you there! All the music I have heard of theirs appears to be heavily influenced by psychedelic use. But here is one of their most popular.

Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child

Jimi Hendrix has a well documented history of drug use, ranging from harder drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines, to the more mind expanding psychedelics. The sounds he could make with a guitar cannot be replicated, and listening to the words of Voodoo child definitely take you on a trip. Taken from this track-

“Well, I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand. Well, I stand up next to a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand. Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island, might even raise just a little sand.”

Of Monsters Of Men- Little Talks

It is debatable if this video is inspired by the use of psychedelics as no one has come forward saying it was. However the video is an adventure with lots of symbology often seen while using mind altering substances.

There are plenty more examples of psychedelic influence in music, past and present- feel free to share some that you have heard in the comments section.

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