Big Pharma Worries As Trump Elects Vaccine Sceptic To Lead Vaccine Committee

By Jess Murray Truth Theory

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly selected Robert Kennedy Jr. to lead the Commission on Vaccine Safety and the mainstream media are not happy about it.

The news was announced by Kennedy, who spoke of his newly appointed position on Tuesday, following a meeting with Trump. However, the news has caused mainstream media outlets to refer to Kennedy as “an environmental activist and skeptic of vaccines” as they reported the news.

It was previously reported that Kennedy has been very vocal about his views on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine, voicing his critic against it. His belief that there is a link between autism and a preservative that is present in the MMR vaccine, called Thiomersal, has since been mocked by media outlets.

During an appearance on MSNBC in 2012, Kennedy explained his critic of the vaccine, saying, “What happened was, the vaccine schedule was increased. We went from receiving about 10 vaccines in our generation, to these kids receive 24 vaccines, and they all have this Thiomersal in them—this mercury—and nobody bothered to do an analysis of what the cumulative impact of all of that mercury was doing to kids. As it turns out, we are injecting our children with 400 times the amount of mercury that the FDA or the EPA considers safe.”

Due to these beliefs, Kennedy stands by his view that not enough research has been conducted on the ingredients of the vaccine, and the current standards on this are not good enough. Therefore, he is calling for more analysis and scientific research to be carried out, as well as increased accountability from the manufacturers of the vaccine.

Currently in the United States, pharmaceutical companies have been able to lobby outward government in order to ensure that they cannot be held accountable to the law. As the law stands, parents of children that have been negatively impacted by vaccines caused by defects, or a destructive vaccine that has harmed their child, cannot sue the vaccine manufacturers.

The vaccine market currently stands at being worth $24 billion, whilst experts are claiming that this will grow to be an industry worth over $60 billion by 2020. So despite manufacturers being caught falsifying information in order to get increased profits, the revenue will continue to grow.

The pharmaceutical company that produces the MMR vaccine, called Merck, has already been faced with multiple allegations of misconduct, including a number from former Merck scientists who saw the behind-the-scenes goings on for themselves. Amongst these accusations were failing to disclose information about the ineffectiveness of particular vaccines, as well as using incorrect testing techniques and manipulating test results.

However, due to the aforementioned law, Merck cannot be held accountable for any of the misconduct mentioned above.

Due to this, some believe that the appointment of Kennedy as the chair of the Commission on Vaccine Safety is a positive move, due to his existing critics of the vaccine industry.

Whilst the mainstream media are questioning why Trump did not elect another big pharmaceutical company to this government position, others are hoping to see previous allegations towards the profit-focused companies brought to light, forcing them to be held accountable for their unjustified actions.

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