How To Orchestrate A Revolution- Become More Organised Than Those Oppressing


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

One of the things I have noticed recently is that there are many groups saying the same thing in a different way. When you break down every cause there is, it all has the same message which are just masked with a different title.

For example the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is about one group being treated as inferior to another.

Now if we look at the veganism movement, it may seem very different, but it holds the same message, one group (vegans) that believe another group (animals) are being mistreated for selfish gain.

You can go a level further and look at something like cancer and those who are looking for a cure, when you break down the levels it hold the same message, one group (people) being mistreated by another the disease cancer or those withholding information about its cure.

For me it seems that the running theme of every movement is that of inequality and people who are looking for a fair and just society that does not exclude their particular group. So is there a common enemy (maybe not the right word) in these conflicts? It is very confusing and open to interpretation, but to my understanding yes there is.

To my understanding in Israel, the governmental forces (not the Israeli people) believe they deserve more of the Palestinian land than the Palestinians do. I do not fully understand the conflict and have only looked into the last 100 years of the conflict, but to my understanding there is one group (the Israeli forces) that heavily overpower the other (the Palestinians) this is not to say there is no wrong done by Palestinians, but only that it is like a fight in which one group has rocks to fight with and the other has guns.

In the vegan movement I believe that it is not people that eat meat that are the problem, but the disconnection to animals and the way animals are treated and enslaved for selfish gain, often eating for pleasure, over eating for survival.

Then moving onto the cancer, people are being denied treatment and investigation into treatment by the very people that are supposed to be providing treatment.

What I see as the common enemy of all movements is the power structure that empowers groups to be able to oppress.

It does get confusing as different groups have different opposing opinions, but hypothetically let’s say for a minute that we could temporarily put some of those differences aside and the movement shifts to a multiple layered movement with the primary objective of equality and the secondary objective of gay rights, black lives matters or whatever the specific movement may be. Then we have a group which includes every movement towards equality all fighting for the same cause against all those who deny that this world should be equal.

The problem I see now is we have many separate movements which are all fighting the same common enemy, but also fighting amongst themselves, which is the perfect divide and conquer strategy for those doing the oppressing, let’s say we all unite and I know this is far more complex than my oversimplification I have given here, but should we do that we then have a true global movement that cannot be stopped, but in which differences would need to be worked out along the way.

Every movement, is a metaphor for the same thing, and when we realise that deep down that all (most) people want is love, happiness and to not feel threatened in life, we can work out the rest of our differences. There is a very small group of people who want everything, the rest of us are happy to share and get along, and the sooner those in the latter group can unify and work together the better, but it needs the leaders of separate movements to set aside some differences and communicate towards the better cause for the collective. A shift is coming, let’s embrace it and unify. Please speak in the comments section, it is good to hear the for and against comments of how this could work (or not work) but just remain respectful and open minded to ideas that may be out of your zone of comfort! Much love to you, Luke

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