True Power Comes From Wisdom! Powerful Spoken Word Challenges The Double Standards Of Western Ideology!

68146758by Luke Miller Truth Theory

A lot of what I see in the western world is not as it seems. We are taught education is the key to a bright future, yet jobs are harder to land now than ever. We are taught that violence in order to gain is wrong and have laws to protect us from these acts, yet globally the west have killed more people than the terrorist organisations we are demonising.

We are taught greed is wrong, yet we monopolise the global economy. We are taught that the west is advanced, yet we are often advanced in many areas due to the exploitation of the rest of the world.

This powerful spoken word piece by Luke Miller called “True Power Comes From Wisdom” tackles these issues.



Knowledge is power, but true power comes from wisdom

The pen is the mighty power that will free us from these ism’s

The ism’s that are race, capital and communist

But the people who control the game say ignorance is bliss


But who do you think it is that makes up these stupid sayings

I will give you a clue they’re fully invested in delaying

Our evolutionary progress unlocking the power of our thoughts  

But the collective consciousness is expanding, if you let nature run its course


Because of course the the thoughts we think will have a significant effect

We have an ignorant nation mistaking academia for intelect

Because memorising facts doesn’t make a man wise

The emperor’s back in the room and he has a new disguise


Because the lies we are told is that if we don’t go to school

That you have no hope in life, but guess what you’ve been fooled

Some of the wisest men and women can’t even read and write

Jump on a flight to Peru and meet the amazonian tribes


Take a trip to Egypt and check out the wise men of the desert

The savages, uncivilized, the people we call peasants

While we exchange presents for christmas smeared in third world blood

Around polite table talk, firm handshakes and empty hugs


We’re the thugs, we are just walking around in a big bubble

But the bubbles ready to burst then we will realise the trouble

We have caused, with the wars we support and even idolise

It’s about time we realise, that war has 2 sides


And both of the sides have families with men, women and children

Just because they look a little different, you don’t label them as victims

Who were slaughtered by our nice civilized white armies

Who are fighting for our freedom, so these terrorists can’t harm me


But terrorism is not as prevalent as we might think it is

Unless we redefine terrorism, as us as the ones committing it

we’re wisdom illiterate, being force fed half truths and lies  

Taking a can of black spray paint to cover our third eye


And they can try, to keep oppressing all of the people

But the horns are locked in the eternal battle of good and evil

But it is hard when you don’t know who’s evil and who’s good

Sometimes I wish I could change things, I really wish I could


Because we need intellectual food to feed the 5 thousand, plus the other 7 billion

Because the guys we call terrorists, for generations we’ve been killing them

And that doesn’t make them good guys or justify their actions

But after decades of systematic abuse you must expect a reaction


Just for a minute put yourself in their shoes

A 5 year old boy and Americans are shooting you

They gun buck your Mum and zip tie your whole family

Would you think in your head these guys are giving us democracy


Then you wonder why groups act a little bit disfunctional

I will give you a clue, it has to do with our control

Of the global economy, resources and collective point of view

Media creating systematic oppression, showing the difference between us 2


Because their is 1 group that’s dark and 1 group that’s light

Their groups wrong and our groups right

So let’s start fights and wars we can’t manage

Butcher millions of families and call them collateral damage


And the perpetual cycle continues to the next generation

If we ever want peace we need to unite all nations

And even if we don’t unite, we could just leave them alone

In the ground leave the opium, diamonds, oil and the minerals for our phones


Luke Miller is the writer and performer of this track you can subscribe to to his YouTube channel to get updated on future pieces Subscribe Here

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