6 Lyrically Conscious Artists That Could Spark A Musical Revolution

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If you know anything about the music industry you will realise that talent does not equate to record sales, in fact an artist’s sales can be worked out by which radio stations play their music, meaning if Justin Bieber released a new track and radio decided they did not want to play it, it would not be a hit as they are the ones who pull all the strings. This means that popular music is not the best music, but only the most distributed.

This creates an industry which gets to select it’s artists, meaning if you are an extremely talented musician/artist but do not fit into the box of what it is they are looking for, you will not be able to make it within the industry, or to put it a little differently- you will not get played on the big stations.

There are however many unknown artists, independent artists and artists which have been picked up by niche record labels that are incredibly talented. Some of them have small cult like followings which will follow them anywhere on earth to hear them play. Their music does not fit in the box of what the mainstream says is good music, in part due to it going against the collective narrative.

Music and words have the ability to evoke a powerful response in people. It has happened in the past (think 1970’s) and it could very well happen again, if enough people heard enough good music, at the right frequency. Here are 6 artists speaking on topics from esoteric information to government corruption that have the potential to spark that movement!




Lowkey, is an English rapper, and political activist. This track is called Obama Nation in which he speaks about the American government’s systematic oppression of the rest of the world. With the opening line being “This track is not an attack upon the American people, It is an attack upon the system within which they live”



You can find more of Lowkey’s music here




Tekneek is a UK based rapper who speaks about esoteric information related to spiritual growth and consciousness, some of it with a political spin. This track is called Star Codes in which he teamed up with Wisdom another UK based rapper.


You can find more of Tekneek’s work here

Prince EA


This spoken word piece is called- Everybody dies but not everybody lives. In which he speaks about the importance of following your passion and what it takes to reach your dreams.



You can find more of Prince EA’s work here


Maverick & Malachi

Maverick & Malachi are brothers from the UK, they blend beat-boxing and conscious rap about positivity, spirituality and politics. This track is a live session they recorded for Globalfaction  


You can follow Maverick & Malachi here to find more of their work


Anthony Anaxagorou

Anthony Anaxagoro is a British born political poet who writes about history and current world events. This piece is called “What If I Told You” where he discusses current events and brings into light some of the inconsistencies that are currently being taught as our history.


Find more of Anthony Anaxagorou’s work here

Luke Miller

Who better to end with than myself, I write a blend of spiritual and political, rap and poetry, with my main intention being to get people to stop, think and explore ideas. This is something I performed live recently called The Bad Side Of The Earth, which touches on political issues and the contrast of the bad and good in the world.


In this article all but 1 have been UK artists and all have been rap/spoken pieces, this is mainly because this is the type of stuff I know. I would love to hear a broad range of conscious music, so if you have any suggestions from any genre leave them in the comments section below so everyone can check them out. Much love, Luke
Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change and author of this article. Currently he is working on a YouTube channel where he will be sharing more of his conscious poetry and rap. You can sign up here to be informed when his first video is released

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