Releasing Emotional & Physical Traumas With Meditation And Movement

Stacey coaching ballet dacer Robbie DowneyStacey coaching ballet dancer Robbie Downey

 by Stacey Nemour

When feeling stuck in a pattern that doesn’t serve you in mind, body or spirit, this can be an opportunity listen to the messages from your inner guidance system, which can move you into the consciousness realm of the solution. The more you focus on what you do not want you are creating more of the same.

When feeling unhealthy, poor or unlovable it’s just a mirror that you are not allowing the natural flow of your well-being that you deserve and are worthy of.

According to Dr .David Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. consciousness studies confirm that the higher the level of consciousness, the higher the level of happiness, which is defined as finding the inner sanctuary of your higher self — the unshakable to core of you that cannot be touched, no matter what’s going on; the inner-knowing that says ” I have always been okay and will always be okay.”

Dance, Yoga and Martial Arts can be a form of moving meditation, this balances the body and opens the energy to flow freely and connects us to our natural state of joy. It’s the same free flowing state when things are happy and harmonious in all areas of life. Negative thought patterns in the mind, are reflected in the body. The same goes for all that’s going on in your world. When we are feeling good, the body performs at peak levels. Positive thoughts energize, negative thoughts can leave one feeling drained and life can feel like an uphill battle. In reality the battle is only between you and you.

Stacey practice kindness to all living thingsI find the quickest way back to center is to shut out the outside world completely — all noise and needless chatter, then meditate or sit in prayer, I start by seeing my body as pure and merged with the Universe. Then I get in touch with my true essence and see myself exactly the way I wish be and feel the experience I want to create on the inside ( I do this until I feel a click) and feel the support of the entire Universe operating through me. I finish by giving thanks, surrendering and asking for the Highest good for all involved. Afterwards relax and let the unseen forces go to work.

Meditation helps to create our reality from inside out. Even a walk in Nature can bring peace, amazing guidance and insights may come to you, as you continue to release tension and tune in. Or any activity that requires skill and focus such as: golf, tennis, yoga, martial arts, dance, shifts you out of stuck mental and emotional states. Keeping the body flexible is an extremely important factor in being able to prevent injuries and enjoy all the activities that you love. No matter what age anyone can increase their flexibility at any time. The issue I see with dancers and other athlete clients when they first come to me is lack of a comprehensive flexibility training routine. There is a specific order of stretches that helps the body open up faster. Each stretch should gently prepare the body for the next stretch. Since dancers are usually pointing their toes the body needs to be kept in balance by stretching the opposite way with a flexed foot. So that the Achilles, calves, hamstrings and the back can be stretched. This helps protect the knees and improves the athletes extension.

To help clear the mind and body, spend extra time focusing on the areas of the body that feel locked up or in pain. These areas may have stored emotional pain from old traumas. Bless and release the past while stretching areas that have any emotional charge. Stay in the now of the new joyful reality you are creating. Stretch with-out bouncing or forcing just come up and repeat the stretch each time you should be able to go deeper. Use deep breathing while letting everything go on the exhale.

Stacey (2)It’s important to have good posture so that the energy can flow fully and freely in dance and all athletic training. In yoga it’s referred to as your “back body.” This will also create better balance, enhance sports performance and may help conserve energy. I notice when I line up my posture in a way that supports the movement, I can see the myself perform my martial art kicks perfectly the split second before I do it and it always flow perfectly. It is the same in life too before we do anything…. it helps to line up the energy first, like being in alignment with our posture and technique, there is an inner alignment that connects us to the magnificent support of the entire universe. When this happens things that are desirable seem to show up effortlessly.

An important tool in dance, training in sports or any endeavor is to practice alone, outside of class. Take all you have learned and bring it to the next level by making it your own. I have mastered most of my martial art moves and come up with new stretches and exciting ways to enhance flexibility by allowing myself to feel the guidance flowing through me during quiet peaceful practices.

Dr. David Hawkins Md PhD. writes in his book “Health and Recovery”, “Perfect health is an expression of spiritual awareness. It is the willingness to let go of the negative and allow it to be replaced by that which is loving. The physical expression of sickness is of a lower energy field.  Healing is reinforced by our willingness to commit to compassion and forgiveness. ‘That which I am includes the body but is not limited to it. That which I am chooses to love it, to value it, to be appreciative of it, to be grateful for it, and enjoy the sense of aliveness.”


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Stacey Nemour is a highly respected martial artist and flexibility expert. She has been featured in many publications  appearances such as Inside Kung Fu, Masters of Kung Fu, SELF Magazine and Kung Fu Magazine. Stacey has coached many pro-athletes & teams including Ultimate Fighting Champion Vitor Belfort and the Carlson Gracie Jiu -Jitsu Team. She, guest starred in the popular television show “Power Rangers”, and worked as a stunt coordinator/ fight double for Cybil Shepherd on the TV show “Cybil”.  She also currently contributes to the The Huffington Post . Stacey is also known for her seven very informative popular DVD’s. One of her best sellers is “Secrets of Splits & Flexibility” all are available on disc or as a download . For more information visit  and check out her Facebook.  Stacey is available for private sessions or via Skype for people out of Southern California.



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