New Social Network That Pays You For Using It!

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Tsu is a brand new platform that promises to pay its users for using it, they offer to share 90% of their revenue with those who matter most – users. Imagine doing what you do every day while using sites like Facebook or Twitter but get paid for doing so? That sounds much better then the current models. Since Facebook began 10 years ago, the website went through a lot of changes, their systems are constantly upgraded and there is a lot of controversy. Due to its model it is impossible to deliver 100% of the content to the users. Each person spends certain amount of time using Facebook each day. Month after month, you like more pages, have more friends and etc. But there is limit to the amount of content that can appear in your newsfeed, that is why Facebook reduces the visibility of each post and tries to figure out what content you might like and what is relevant for you. Unfortunately it creates injustice. Some pages get rewarded while other suffer. Our page has over 560.000 users, we worked hard for many years to get this amount of likes, few months ago Facebook changed their algorithms and we lost 90% of our reach within few days.
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They just killed our page. Out of 569.000 users who subscribed to get updates from us, only few can see our updates. On average only 50 people click on the content and maybe few hundred people will see the post. Meanwhile celebrities get their pages verified and that is increasing visibility of their posts. I know a lot of pages in the truth movement that can’t reach even 0.1% of their fan base and we can’t do much about it. For a while everyone hoped that someone will come up with an alternative to Facebook, and perhaps Tsu is the new Facebook. Instead of making tons of money from your hard work they want to reward you for spending your time using their service. Lets hope that they will fulfil their promises, click here to sing up and follow us on Tsu, it’s free and it only takes few seconds.

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