Procesial Progress: A Blueprint For Social Sustainability (movie)

Prosocial Progress: A Blueprint for Social Sustainability is an educational film which has been uploaded to the internet for free download and distribution. It has been written, directed and produced by Thomas Hallatt & Dale Hallatt; founders of Prosocial Progress Foundation which is based in the UK but adopts a global perspective.

The aim of the film is to demonstrate how behavioural science can be utilised on a large scale in areas of child development, education and the culture itself in order to bring about sustainability both on a social and environmental level. The film is rooted in behaviour analytic methods, which provides specific details on how positive reinforcement can be applied to bring about sustainable behaviour change for a better world. The Foundation will be concentrating its future efforts on giving behaviour analysis a much larger platform in terms of media representation, as well as putting into action a variety of projects which can bring some of the methods found within behavioural science into reality. There will be more details on such projects in 2014 on

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