Mikes Beautiful Life (movie)

The seeds of four emerging and related crises – energy, food, resource depletion and climate change – were planted in the 20th century, during Mike’s beautiful life. Those seeds will bear fruit during the 21st century and will not only shape your future, but the future of generations to come. The next 30 years, in fact, will prove to be a turning point in human civilization.

If you want to know what will happen during the remainder of your life – and your children’s lives – you must watch this film as it contains graphic predictions of what humans will face in each decade through the year 2100.

Mike’s Beautiful Life is an entertaining, yet hard-hitting, discussion piece on what we need to do now in order to avert what appears to be near-certain catastrophes in the future.

“A brave and courageous film which reveals the ugly truth behind a beautiful life.”

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