Syntax Error – Master Race Extinction (music video)

New music from the band Syntax Error for 2013, an industrial metal band that focuses on exposing the police state George Orwell spoke of in 1984. In America, their music is seen as controversial by using topics such as Bradley Manning and the release of Collateral Murder video to wikileaks and his arrest and trial.

Syntax Error’s music is considered political and they have been inspired by bands such as System Of a Down, Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails and others.

In our country we see how we are being systematically divided by race, sexual orientation, and political red vs. blue. We are put into a dividing system and Syntax Error desires to expose the lies the mainstream media programs citizens to believe regarding labels.

Enjoy the video and share it, and remember that we are all Bradley Manning. Be part of the resistance and do your part by following the links below. http://www.syntaxband.net

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