Evgeny Morozov: The End of Cyber Utopia (movie)

Smartphones and social media seem to be the new weapons used to topple both dictators and old power structures. The euphoria over the Internet and its revolutionary role seems endless. One man, Evgeny Morozov states that this is nothing more than a mirage. He takes Backlight into his battle against cyber utopianism.

Surrounded by enormous video screens, Evgeny Morozov is visually bombarded with thoughts and situations on the effects of the technological revolution on totalitarianism, democracy and the people concerned. Morozov shares his criticism, flow of thought and dilemma’s with us. Morozov is an angry young man who fights the cyber-utopianism that is so dominant in today’s world.

Morozov grew up in communist Belarus and was just 5 years old when the Berlin wall fell. While working for a NGO in the former Soviet Republics and Central Asia he tried to organize revolts using social media. Disappointed with the impact, he wrote the book “The Net Dellusion: How Not To Liberate The World”. His status on Twitter currently is: “in transit”. In the installation Morozov engages in an intellectual battle with a remix of VPRO documentary-clips from the last 15 years. Spontaneously he reacts on the dilemma’s presented to him, while moving around in what he himself sees as a panopticon; leading to a vivid dialogue with the images.

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