Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step by Noah Bonn

You’ve been hearing it for a while: December 21st, 2012 is just around the corner.  Better fasten your seat-belts, huh Dorothy? Sounds like Kansas is going bye-bye.

We’re hearing talk of global economic collapse, eugenics plots to reduce human population, HAARP, FEMA camps for US citizens… and a fascist world government stepping in with marshal law. In a phrase: the New World Order.

And then there’s the other side of the coin. A shift in consciousness. Worldwide liberation from the political and economic oppression. Spiritual awakening. Garden cities. Free sustainable energy. The New Age.

Many people have begun to look into these two seemingly contradictory visions of the future, and gotten confused. One is hell and the other is Utopia. We can’t have the New World Order and the New Age… so what’s the deal? Who’s clairvoyant, and who’s delusional?

In a word: neither. Both scenarios are possible, and both are underway already. What we are experiencing on our planet at present is a sort of polarization. Every day more and more people are waking up and realizing that there is a better way to do things. Yet at the same time, the forces which seek to control our planet, are getting more desperate, and taking more intense measures than ever before. Ultimately, however, the decision is in our hands. We have the option of acquiescing into a state of global servitude… or we can choose to step outside the system and create our world anew.

Where I see the greatest stagnation of anywhere on our planet is in the individuals who are first waking up. They see the blueprint for the future if we do not shift, and they imagine a new way of life. But the idea of bridging the gap from where we are today, to where we want to go- daunts the hell out of them.
There are huge numbers of people who are feeling paralyzed. They want to start making changes, but they just don’t see how one person can do a damn thing against the financial-military-industrial complex. The good news? They are wrong.

The Holographic Nature of Reality

It has been well accepted from scientists for a long time that matter as we know it is nowhere near solid. Apparent solidity is 99.999…% empty space. When your hand is stopped by the surface of a table, for example, you have not reached a solid barrier, but are being repelled by valence electron charges.

The way this relates back to our conversation is in its implications for what we (humans) are- we are not physical beings, but holographic. It is this understanding that gives us a crucial insight into how we can choose to recreate our planet.
You see, there is an interesting property to holograms. Holograms are lasers projected across a lens to create a 3D image. However, if you split that laser in half, you do not have two halves of the image, but rather two full holograms at 50% intensity. Though I am vastly oversimplifying, you could say that holograms are like a 3D version of a fractal, where each part is a reflection of the whole and vice versa.

What we are, therefore, is not insignificant specs amidst a vast universe, but microcosmic entities for the entire thing! Thus, when we make small changes in our own life, we are not just affecting our own life. We are affecting the energetic foundation of the entire universe.

Being Change

The most powerful social movements in history have not been those that were implemented from the top down through “policy.” Rather, it was the ones that arose organically through “grass roots,” that really left an impact. India’s liberation from the British Empire, and American Civil Rights reform are just a couple of examples. The reason that these movements were so powerful is because they inspired a shift on the individual level. How did Gandhi put it? Be the change you wish to see in the world. You are a microcosm that affects entirety. Thousands of people made tiny shifts in their approach to the situation, and made small changes in how they went about their life. The collective results were cataclysmic.

This approach is what will determine the way our world looks in 10 years. If everyone says “I can’t do anything- I’m just Joe Shmoe,” then we find ourselves in a high-tech, worldwide version of Nazi Germany before we can say “Bob’s your uncle.” But by the same token, if each individual recognizes and accepts responsibility for the small changes they can make to their own microcosm, then we will see a paradigm shift unlike anything in our history books. These times are intense and can feel scary, but the opportunity here is truly unprecedented.

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie that you have been told your entire life is that you are insignificant- that your actions do not shape the world. They absolutely do. You are not small. You are not weak. You are are all-wise, all-powerful beings. As Hermes Trismegistus put it,

know ye not that ye are gods?!”

He was right. The way we will create a new Earth is by taking responsibility for the small changes we can affect today. If you don’t support your bank, move to a credit union. If you don’t support industrial farming practices, grow some food at home. Don’t agree with the narrow perspective of the mainstream media? Get your voice out there through independent channels that you do support. You would be amazed at how many forward thinking publications are out there who are will to publish contributor perspectives. This article is case and point.

But I’m not here to tell you what to do. No one is. The shift is about personal exploration and collaboration. Sharing new ideas and more harmonious alternatives to the game we are playing today. And for those still on the fence- who can tell that something is wrong but still fear change- just know this: there is an ocean of possibility out there.

And the water’s fine.

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Noah Bonn is a writer and grass roots activist from Seattle, Washington. His areas of focus include health and wellness, sustainability and spiritual awakening. He can be found at his blog, NoahBonn.com


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