‘Top Cyber Cop’ Says Internet Way Overdue For Attack

Shawn Henry, 24-year veteran of the FBI’s cyber security division, stated that he is surprised a massive cyber attack hasn’t happened yet, and feels it is “very very likely” that one is due to happen in the near term.

In the CBS interview, Henry claims state-sponsored actors like China and Russia are already infiltrating and causing damage to networks, yet he provides no proof of this.

To date, all suspected attacks have been proven to be false alarms despite the media hype. Furthermore, it is the U.S. and Israel who are among the leaders in the rapid evolution of the offensive cyberwar arms race.

This coincides with the ramp-up of cybersecurity legislation. Coincidentally, it is Lieberman who is interviewed for the video below. Lieberman has been at the forefront of proposed cyber tyranny, and alludes to a potential cyber 9/11 when he says that would-be cyber terrorists can “do as much or more damage than the terrorists did on 9/11 by knocking out our power grid for weeks, by incapacitating all of our banks.”

Besides having absolutely no proof of anyone having this capacity with the exception of Israel and the U.S. who have proven themselves to be the leading state-sponsored cyber threats, backers of cyber security legislation have gotten caught using bogus figures in an attempt to bolster their case.

Thankfully, the Senate successfully filibustered the bill yesterday. But that may be all the more reason to stage a cyber 9/11. After all, the U.S. and Israel are the only ones provably capable of such an attack, even though most critical U.S. infrastructure is not even connected via the Web and, therefore, not even vulnerable to a large scale attack…unless it was a coordinated inside job.

Much as we saw with 9/11, and more recently in the Batman shooter case, anti-freedom legislation like gun control is always there on the shelf to be brought into reality under the “right” circumstances. The right circumstances for those who seek full-spectrum Internet control means that we should be on guard against a false flag to justify its implementation.

At the end of the video, Henry states that “time is short” and businesses oppose government regulation, so Lieberman might not have the political will to get the legislation passed. What’s the next logical step if you seek more control against the people’s will?

Be vigilant, be aware, and be prepared — something is in the air.


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