No Place to Hide – Strategy of Terrorism? (movie)

This historical documentary removes the mystery from international terrorism or may add to the confusion?. This film was originally produced in 1982 and now serves as a shocking testimony of events that would continue to unfold decades later. On the surface, terrorism appears to be irrational and counter-productive but, when the long-range strategy and tactics are understood, it becomes recognizable as part of a larger plan to weaken and destroy target governments. It is but one phase of the Totalitarian Fascist dogma of so-called Wars of National Liberation. The terrorists themselves are dispensable players in this deadly game because, when the target governments are finally toppled, it will not be the terrorists who come to power, but the international Fascist apparatus which has trained and supplied them. Here are the documented facts which show the detailed operation of this network. The program is built upon sound research and offers powerful visual images and shocking historical footage. Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin.

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