8 Ways To Show Love In Your Relationship

8 Ways To Show Love In Your Relationship

There is nothing else but Love and any manifestation of the opposite emotion is purely based in ego. Love can actually be experienced with everyone and everything. This Love then becomes unconditional.

by Michael Forrester 

Life gets busy and often interferes with the one’s we really love. From positivity, to listening and even cooking, here are 8 ways to show some love to those you care about most.

1. POSITIVITY – Be positive. If you’re always negative, it affects you and your relationship. When you use positive and encouraging words, you foster a sense of empowerment in your partner.

2. LISTENING – Respond promptly and lovingly to emotional needs and banish put-downs from your vocabulary. Be available to listen to your partner when he/she wants to talk with you even if it’s an inconvenient time. The more receptive you are to listening, they will reciprocate which immediately accelerates the bond.

3. SHOW SOME LOVE – If you’re in a bad mood or have an argument, give yourself time to cool off before reacting with emotional responses. Never go to sleep without a hug, cuddle, or other gesture of affection that your partner favors. It shows resolution and love after an event that was likely ego driven. This will go a long way in how your partner will perceive resolution in the relationship.

4. AGREE TO DISAGREE – You will never agree 100% on every aspect of your relationship or events in your lives. If you’re a right-fighter and always trying to get the upperhand, or control a discussion and its outcome, you are creating a toxic environment. It doesn’t matter how much you think you are always right…it is simply irrelevant. Learn to accept your differences and concede how each perspective is unique. Your truth is your own and you don’t need to validate that to anybody else but yourself.

5. SPEND QUALITY TIME – If all you do is work, eat and sleep, then you’re not enjoying the beautiful experiences that life has to offer. Having fun is an integral part of emotional health and spending quality time with your partner is all to takes. If you’re never interested in spending this time with your partner, it’s time you reassess your relationship. If your always interested but never have the time…make the time! It doesn’t matter if you have kids, a busy work schedule or constant commitments. You manifest your reality and manifesting time works extremely well into this equation. You will be amazed at what a few hours per week of quality time with your partner will do for both your health.

6. COOK TOGETHER – The love of food often bonds couples, but sometimes for the wrong reasons and the wrong food choices. Strive for healthier menus so you look and feel better about yourselves. If you make grocery shopping and cooking a couple event, you will naturally progress towards healthier food choices and your meals will reflect the love and passion you are putting into each other.

7. ENCOURAGE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS – Help your partner foster positive relationships with friends, family and colleagues. If you are passive on any of your partner’s relationships that happen to be toxic, you are allowing this energy to interfere in your own relationship. You wouldn’t accept any less for yourself, so why would you accept it for your partner? By positively encouraging healthy relationships, you inject a loving vibration and your intentions will only reflect the same response from your partner.

8. I LOVE YOU AND MYSELF – This one never gets old. Say it as many times as you can, every day and mean it. Before you can love anybody else, you must love yourself first. This is a universal truth. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others. So work on your own self-esteem, confidence and character if you feel you are lacking any love for the beautiful and divine being that you are. The more you love yourself, the more your partner will feel the love you have for them. Everybody wants to be loved and this is without exception something every human being wants and needs…so show them. I love you…yes you!

Michael Forrester
 is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.


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