20 Reasons Why This World Offends Me

6981311481_6c900fa9d4_zby Luke Miller Truth Theory

There are many different types of activists/truth seekers/truth tellers or whatever you like to call us. Some of us are quite understandably angry, it is a natural reaction to the insanity that we call reality. Some are calling for death, destruction and the forceful tearing down of the establishment, but I like to think of myself of more of a peaceful activist.

It is my opinion that the only way we can ever overcome the deeply flawed system that we are living within, is through peaceful means. Yes there are a lot of people who are not safe to walk the planet with the rest of us (most of the people we call our leaders). But it is my belief that we need to find a peaceful way in which we make this happen!

So when you see me posting about corruption in our government, pharmaceutical greed or the media systematically oppressing and singling out groups of people because of the colour of their skin, I am not angry, I am offended and here are 18 other things I am offended by-

I am offended that so many young girls and women are tricked into believing that they need to live up to standards that they cannot possibly live up to. That they think they have to be a certain shape or size in order to be accepted. We have a generation of school girls who are so desperately seeking validation that they feel the need to update their Instagram with a selfie 20 times a day and while you cannot paint all young girls with the same brush, culturally young girls are very insecure.

I am offended that so many men play on that and degrade women and feel in some way they gain significance by being superior. This just goes to show that while visibly a lot of women are very insecure, many men who act in the stereotypical way that we would associate with confidence are actually also very insecure.

I am offended that my friends expect me to act in the same way as they do. Yes I appreciate that beautiful women, but no I do not want to violate her. I would much rather have a conversation and build a real connection.

I am offended that everytime I jump in a taxi the driver expects me to join in with his racist banter about blacks and muslims destroying our country or how polish people have taken all our jobs. Who do you think employs the Polish people? Hint: They are mostly rich greedy white people.

I am offended by Kim Kardashian and how even though she gets much more negative attention than positive attention, she is still looked upon as a type of goddess. Feeding into the insecurity of young girls all over the world who either idolise or tear her down, both unhealthy behaviours.

Mainstream music offends me, because music sales do not equate to quality and it works as a part of the systematic dumbing down of human beings. Given the choice we would choose conscious music over “move bitch get out the way” but music is selected to be distributed and a part of our oppression.

I am offended by reality TV and even more offended by how popular it is. It is like we need to see other people in a constant state of meltdown to raise our self esteem.

I am offended that those who make money from us being sick are in charge of making us healthy and that if they do make us healthy it is a customer lost. To quote Chris Rock “There is no money in the cure”

I am offended that organic food is so expensive, but you can eat an abundance of junk for a fraction of it’s price.

I am offended that we send people to their death so that a few greedy people can make obscene amounts of money that they will never be able to spend.

I am offended that these people who are sent to their deaths are systematically made to feel like heroes by the public, when the truth is they are being used.

I am offended that we have become so connected to our digital devices that we have become disconnected with the real world. And that a family can sit on the sofa around the TV all with phones in hand, seeking connection outside, when the real connection should exist within the home.

I am offended that meditation is looked upon as a new hobby, when it is the most natural thing a person can do. When did doing nothing become a luxury?

I am offended that people think they need so much to fill the voids in their lives, when in reality they need less. If people could see this maybe the systems that have been created to oppress us would dissolve.

I am offended that exercise has become a brand, something that we need to do to remain healthy. When did we become so disconnected and busy that we forgot to move and so unhealthy that exercise needs to be recommended.

I am offended that the majority of people in power are not representative of normal people like me and you. And that normal people like me and you accept these people as our leaders. They do not serve us and there is a better way.

I am offended that we are scared to look for this better way and many people think living in peace is idealistic.

I am offended that minorities are systematically oppressed by mainstream media and that people feed into this divide and conquer strategy.

I am offended that we have an abundance of food, water, land and resources, yet some people think they deserve more than everyone else. Literally, if we could just learn to share no one would be hungry!

I am offended at myself, because I own an iPhone and I know that some of the parts inside of it came from slave labour from the killing fields of Congo. But none of us are perfect right?

What are you offended by? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change and author of this article. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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