11 Of The Fiercest Conscious Hip Hop Videos


by Andrew Butler

Every age has its protest music, from blues to rock and roll, folk to punk. Today hip hop is leading the charge, challenging the staus quo and shining a light on the injustices that dominate our social landscape. There’s also an additional element to modern protest music, the accompanying music video, which in some cases is even fiercer than the music (see M.I.A’s Born Free).

Here are some prime examples from recent years.

Rebel Diaz – Which Side Are You On? Remix ft. Dead Prez & Rakaa Iriscience


Keny Arkana – La Rage



Akala – Find No Enemy



Calle 13 – Multi_Viral – ft. Julian Assange, Kamilya Jubran, Tom Morello



M.I.A – Born Free



Dead Prez – Hip Hop



Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn



3D Na’tee – Who Can We Run To


Bocafloja – Obsolescencia Programada



Lowkey – Terrorist?



B. Dolan – Which Side Are You On



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