108-Year-Old Claims The Secret To A Long, Healthy Life Is Champagne And Chocolate

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

After becoming a centenarian, you automatically gain a new level of respect. Ageism falls by the wayside and instead, people beg to know the secrets of a long, healthy life. Well, according to 108-year-old Dorothy Flowers, the secret is plenty of champagne and chocolate. Perhaps in this situation, we should listen to our elders…

The centenarian currently lives at the Bupa Southlands nursing home in Harrogate, a town in northern England. On October 22, 2019, she celebrated her 108th birthday. In many photographs, she can be seen cheerily posing with a bottle of Moet or a glass of champagne.

According to Flower’s Resident Experience Manager Helene Ballinger, their oldest inhabitant credits her longevity to the drink. “Dorothy loves company, so she’ll sit with us at the reception desk each day,” Ballinger said, according to the Metro. “Her real secret for longevity though has to be champagne. It’s the only thing we ever see her finish a glass of. Needless to say, we’ve been toasting her birthday.”

Of course, one can’t live on champagne along. That’s why chocolate exists! Both Dorothy and her husband — who passed away in 1981 after four decades of marriage — were in the horse racing industry. Together, they worked for the Race Course Betting Control Board. They also retired together in 1963, according to HuffPo UK. Flowers was just 52!

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“I’m lucky to have made many happy memories during my life and—even at 108—I’m still making more,” Flowers was quoted as saying, speaking with the assistance of her caretaker. A whopping 654 people showed up to celebrate with the centenarian. You can bet there was plenty of champagne popped that evening…

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